We are in great need of additional volunteers

Volunteer Now CAREGIVERS programs are carried out by over 400 giving, caring volunteers who are recruited and trained from our local community. We are in great need of additional volunteers to assist the many more frail, elderly residents who call our office for help. If you would like to:
  • Have a rewarding volunteer experience
  • Use your talents and abilities to help a homebound elderly person
  • Make a new friend
  • Be free to set your own hours of service
  • Work independently, but with plenty of support
  • Be challenged and greatly appreciated
  • Feel good about yourself
Volunteers are interviewed and matched with a CAREGIVERS client, based on their interests, work experience, background, personality, etc. Volunteers are asked to set aside 2 to 4 hours per week to assist their elderly "friend." It is our goal to foster a long-term friendship between the two people, so that the senior will have a dependable source of support into the future. Through our careful matching, many wonderful relationships have developed between volunteers and clients over the years. If you prefer not to make a weekly commitment, but can drive an elder to a medical appointment on an "as needed" basis, your services are greatly needed. There is always a waiting list at CAREGIVERS of seniors who desperately need your help.

Learn more about our opportunities and how you can CONNECT with other volunteers!